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  • SHORTEN YOUR JOB SEARCH by using tools and strategies to stand out from other candidates.

  • EARN A BETTER JOB by learning how to present your qualifications to the hiring manager.

  • HANDLE ANY INTERVIEW SETTING and challenging situations, and learn what to say at all interview stages.

  • GAIN CONFIDENCE IN YOUR INTERVIEWING SKILLS and in your ability to talk about your accomplishments.

  • LEARN HOW TO NEGOTIATE for a higher base salary and more benefits, to be paid what you deserve.

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6 modules, 27 core lessons, plus 20+ handouts and worksheets. Answers and advice to 60+ common and not-so common questions. 4+ hours of video lessons!

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Here's a complete outline of the modules and lessons:

Module 1: Prepare Yourself
  1. Phone & Wardrobe
  2. Calm Under Pressure
  3. What to Bring & Dry Run


Module 2: Research
  1. Company & Industry Research
  2. Job Posting Breakdown
  3. Informational Interview
Module 3: Sell Yourself
  1. Elevator Pitch
  2. First Impression
  3. Answer Questions
  4. Behavioral Interviewing
  5. Story Creation
Module 4: Start Interviewing
  1. Telephone Interviews
  2. Virtual Interviews
  3. Screening & Interview Types
  4. Concerns
  5. Ask Questions
Module 5: Question Library
  1. Core Questions
  2. Skill & Experience Questions
  3. Job & Industry Questions
  4. Tough Questions
  5. Trick Questions
  6. Other Questions
  7. Illegal Questions
Module 6: Finish Strong
  1. A Closing and a Thank You
  2. Follow Up & Learn
  3. Money Conversations
  4. Salary Negotiation

Your Coach: Nelly Grinfeld MBA, CEIC, NCRW, NCOPE

Certified Employment Interview Consultant

Nationally Certified Resume Writer

Business Founder, Principal Writer, Expert Career Strategist

I would love to hear from you! Feel free to get in touch if you have any questions about this online course.

[email protected]


This 16-minute preview video will let you look inside some of the lessons and modules. Discover how the material is presented, what it looks like on the inside, and bits of what you'll learn once you sign up for the course.


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Frequently Asked Questions
How long will it take to complete the course? 

The course consists of over 4 hours of video lessons, along with handouts and worksheets. The lessons vary in length; some are as short as 5 minutes, others are up to 15 minutes long. You choose your pace, depending on your own needs. It is possible to go through the course in just a couple days. However, I suggest you have the flexibility to take as long as you need, go through some lessons more than once, since you have the flexibility to move through the lessons as quickly or as slowly as you wish.

I have a scheduled interview coming up very soon... do I have time to go through the course? 

It will take you 4-5 hours to watch all the video lessons in the course. However, keep in mind that many of the lessons contain lots of food for thought: worksheets to complete, handouts to review, and many details to consider as you prepare for an interview. It is possible to do all the work in a short period of time, and you will certainly be prepared for that upcoming interview. Remember that you can repeat any of the lessons, or the whole course if you wish. After all, this may not be the last interview you will go on!

Am I guaranteed a certain number of interviews and job offers once I complete the course? 

The simple answer is no. While the course teaches you about interviewing in a complete and digestible fashion, it is up to YOU to learn the concepts, do the work I ask you to do, and implement what you learn. I know that you will be successful if you put in the work, but it is impossible to guarantee a result that is dependent on many other factors outside of the course's scope.

Why should I trust you to teach me, Nelly?

Great question! I am an expert career professional with 10+ years experience, holding certifications in Interview Coaching, Resume Writing, and LinkedIn Profile Optimization.  My Human Resources background includes an extensive track record of interviewing candidates and hiring for a variety of positions. In addition, I am the founder and principal resume writer of Top of the Stack Resume, where I work with motivated job seekers to create powerful career documents and help them fully prepare for their next career move. I have created this course using my years of knowledge and hands-on client coaching experience, and I have made it available to you.